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Business Law – Services

Because of Johan Deprez’s economics and business background, he will understand your business and provide individually tailored legal counsel and business law services to match with your business plans and goals. The Law Office of Johan Deprez offers services ranging from the formation of start-up companies through the operation and sale of established businesses, as well as assisting companies from outside the United States or other states within the United States to establish operations in California.

The business law services provided by The Law Office of Johan Deprez include:

Business Entity Formation, Maintenance, and Termination

Selecting the appropriate business entity requires careful balancing of legal, business, and tax considerations. We will help you select from the array of different types of business entities California law allows including, but not limited to:

  • “C” and “S” Corporations;
  • Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”);
  • Limited Partnerships (“LPs”);
  • General Partnerships (“GPs”);
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLPs”).

The Law Office of Johan Deprez manages the processes and crafts the corporate governance documents required to properly create and maintain your business entity. When it comes time to transfer, sell, merge, restructure, or close your business, we will take you through the legal process in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner.

Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

The Law Office of Johan Deprez drafts, reviews, and negotiates all the contracts your business may need, including:

  • Standard or unique contracts with customers and clients;
  • Contracts with suppliers;
  • Employment agreements, and independent contractor or consultant contracts;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Office, warehouse, factory, and equipment leases;
  • Licenses and agreements with local and state agencies;
  • Agreements with investors; and
  • Loans, mortgages, and credit lines with banks, credit unions, or private lenders.

Business Dispute Resolution

The Law Office of Johan Deprez represents in the resolution of a broad range of business disputes, including disputes:

  • among shareholders, partners, and members of business entities
  • with customers and suppliers;
  • with employees, contractors, and consultants;
  • with landlords and co-tenants;
  • with local and state licensing agencies;
  • with local, state, and federal tax agencies; and
  • with investors, lenders, and banks.

General Counsel or “Concierge” Attorney

As your business’ general counsel or “concierge” attorney, The Law Office of Johan Deprez can provide all the legal needs for your business, from conception to exit, even for those issues requiring attorneys in other legal specialties such as estate planning, immigration, ligation, and intellectual property, through our firm’s extensive network of legal professionals. The Law Office of Johan Deprez is your one-stop general contractor in law!